fon ® Is A Mainstream Crypto Currency That Even Your Grandma Can Use

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a new business model

FON is a new business model with a characteristic of "Decentralized Ownership", used to address the monopolistic problem of the dominating centralized IT solutions. Read More

reinvent the blockchain

With a mission to build FON as a mainstream cryptocurrency we will reinvent the existing blockchain to create the Fonder Blockchain platform. Read More

all-in-one wallet

Fonder has an all-in-one wallet, which will be a gateway for shopping, saving, living, investing and receiving endless benefits. Read More

a social mission

FON currency has a motto: Live A Fonder Life. A social mission we begun even long before launching "Fonder Diamond" in Singapore. Read More

Fonder Blockchain

A Reinvented Blockchain For Mainstream Adoption & Scalable To Any Application

speed and fees

With the ability to process millions of transaction per second with virtually zero transaction fees involved. You'll never have to wait for that important transaction to clear.

100% Privacy

By utilizing multiple anonymity-centric networks fonder blockchain can provide private transactions that are completely untraceable. Keeping your assets disconnected from your identity.

Send Crypto Currency Like You Send Email

Our Blockchain Name Service (BNS) enables easy adoption of crypto currency and blockchain services with easy to remember addresses.

Blockchain Builder

Build endlessly scalable blockchain applications, customize all aspects of your blockchain including currencies, transactions and consensus.

No coding and infrastructure required


Fon® cApps

A collection of centralized solutions with a characteristic of " decentralized ownership ".

A new business model to address the monopolistic problem of the dominating centralized IT solutions.

for rewards
for influencers
for networking
for impressions

ICO Guarantee

diamond redeemable

At Same Value


Selling diamond is our business, selling beautiful diamonds is our skills

Strategic liquidity channel for Fonder Cryptocurrency (FON)
Highly scalable business model ready for global expansion
Global leader in OTO (online to offline) business model in the diamond industry

fonder wallet

Fonder Wallet is the main interface to enter into Fonder Community. Receive reward coins when spending within the fonder community merchants online and offline.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Manage all your assets in one secure account.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash and other digital currencies.


Receive reward points, discounts and new currency airdrops with access to our full network of FON Applications such as Fonpoints, Fonmedia, Fonads & Fonstore.

Payment Gateway

( For Merchants )

Fonder wallet enables any merchant to accept crypto-currency payments for services with customizable checkout modules.

the fonder team

Core Team

George Chen

Chief Architect, Product Designer

Adam Pyrah

Chief Technologist

Lois Ho

Marketing Manager

Jolene Wong

Community Manager


Nick Spanos

Founder/ CEO - Bitcoin Center NYC, Zap, Blockchain Technologies Corporation.

GM, Webster Hall

Nick is one of the earliest bitcoin advocate, a pioneer and thought leader in the blockchain paradigm. Nick is a global blockchain pioneer who sits on the board of Synapse foundation and the inventor of the multibranched blockchain, and blockchain voting. Both patents have been granted. In 2013, he was amongst the 1st to kickstart the American Blockchain Community, with his technological air and entrepreneurial spirit, he has pioneered numerous blockchain applications.

Currency Motto:

"Live A Fonder Life"

For True Believers

"A passion, belief or affection without reasoning"

Our Social Mission.

To inspire people to "Live A Fonder Life" is our social mission. Let's come together to Ignite a movement of "Live A Fonder Life" and inspire every person on this planet to live fonder everyday!

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Preparation of Fonder Diamond

Design & development of Fonder diamond website and world class diamond inventory system. roadmap


Official Launch of Fonder Diamond


Launch of "Fonder Light Performance"


Launch of Fonder Wallet basic.

Fonder ICO Private sale


Fonder ICO Pre sale

Start of initial private sale fund raising.

Fonder Diamond Global Expansion

Start the Fonder diamond global showroom buildup.


Launch of FONPoints

FONApplication for enabling FON rewards.

Launch of FONMedia

FONApplication for publishing media.

Launch of FONGroups

FONApplication for fonder groups.


Launch of FONAds

FONApplication for ads distribution within FON

Launch of FONStore

FONApplication for commerce.


Launch of Fonder Blockchain

Native blockchain, existing ethereum based FON tokens converted 1:1 to native FON currency.

2014 - Apr 2016
Preparation of Fonder Diamond
Jun 2016
Official Launch of Fonder Diamond
Jun 2017
Launch of "Fonder Light Performance "
Dec 2017 - Mar 2018
Fonder cryptocurrency "Fonder Coin" launched
Mar - Jun 2018
Private Sale of Fonder Coin ICO
May 2018
Launch of Fonder Wallet
Jun 2018
Start the 100 showroom build up in major cities of the world
Oct 2018
Fonder Coin ICO
Oct 2019
Launch of Fonder Blockchain